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VU1 Demo Application

VU1 Demo Application

VU1 Demo Application

Download page - Source code

Why the demo app?

VU dials can be used for many different applications. We can't wait to see all the creative applications of VU1 dials that VU dials community will inevitably come up with.

But at the time of release of VU1 dials there will be handful of applications that support VU1 dials.
Hopefully over time developers and the community will start integrating them into existing applications.

In the mean time, we have designed a simple demo application that allows you to use VU1 dials for PC resource monitoring.

VU1 demo application

Demo application allows you to show PC usage information like:

  • CPU core, CPU package, GPU, Memory, Network usage/load
  • CPU core, CPU package, GPU, HDD, Motherboard temperature
  • CPU, GPU power draw
  • CPU, GPU clock speeds
  • CPU, Motherboard voltage


We use library provided by the awesome LibreHardwareMonitor project to retrieve sensor information.

Dial information

Dial information

Dial information

Select dial from the Dial list on the left.

The main window will update with the dial information.

Cell Description
Dial Name The name assigned to this dial. You can edit dial name and click Update metric to rename the dial
Dial UID Unique identifier for selected dial
Metric Shows what is the metric/sensor that this dial is displaying
Value Shows dial value (scaled and in percent) and raw sensor value in brackets
Min Scale minimum
Max Scale maximum

Configure metric

VU1 Demo Application Configure metric

Configure metric
  1. Select the dial from the Dial list on the left.
  2. Select the value you wish this dial to display from the New metric drop down
  3. Adjust Metric Min and Metric Max if necessary.
  4. Click Update metric

Metric scaling

VU dials expect value that is in [0-100] range. However in reality sensor values can be way smaller ie. from [0-1] or much larger like [0-250]. So we obviously need to scale the real-world value to [0-100] range.

You can adjust the scaling of the sensor value to map whatever the min/max values are to dials [0-100] range.

For example let's say you want to show CPU power draw and the sensor value can go from 0W to 250W.
Let's say also that we really only want to focus on power draw above 50W so that (and any smaller) value should be mapped to 0%.
We also want to map power draw of 250W (and above) as 100%.

We would set the Metric Min to 50 and Metric Max to 250.
The demo app will then scale the value of this sensor so that it maps [50-250] values down to VU dials [0-100] range.

Update dial background image

You can update dial background image by clicking on Set image button.
The dial will open and you can select the image you wish to use for background image.

Image should be

  • Size: 144 x 200px
  • Type: PNG / JPG / JPEG

What are rules and why you should set them?

Metric Rules

Configure metric rules

Demo app allows you to define mapping between dial value and backlight color.
In the demo app these are called Rules.

To illustrate how rules work, let's use a simple example where we have multiple rules defined:

  • When value is less or equal to 10% Backlight is Off
  • When value is less or equal to 30% Backlight is Red
  • When value is less or equal to 50% Backlight is Green
  • When value is less or equal to 70% Backlight is Blue

The demo app will apply the last rule that matches.
Which means if the dial value is 33%, the dial backlight will be Red.
On the next cycle if value changes to 65%, the dial backlight will be Green.