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Update API key

Name Route Method Query Parameters
Update API key /api/v0/admin/keys/update GET admin_key, key, name, dials

Update API key

Existing API key can be updated through API using key that has privileged access or through Web UI.

This route can be used to update API key name and dial access.

Example usage

We want to update API key with UID hc46e1pukyf8ws7b to only have access to dial 3C0037001150303452313521 and rename it to Weather App API Key.

GET - http://localhost:5340/api/v0/admin/keys/create?admin_key=...&key=hc46e1pukyf8ws7b&name=Weather App API Key&dials=3C0037001150303452313521

Response is JSON object

    "status": "ok",
    "message": "",
    "data": null


You need to provide both key name and list of dials that you wish this key to have access to.


This operation can only be performed with an API key that has a privileged access (master key).