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Set dial value

Name Route Method Query Parameters
Set dial value /api/v0/dial/{DIAL_UID}/set GET key, value

Set dial indicator (needle) to desired value.

Query Parameters


API key used to authenticate this request


Desired dial value (0-100)

Value of 0 will set the dial indicator (needle) to the left most position
Value of 100 will set the dial indicator (needle) to the right most position

Example usage

Set value to 30% for dial with UID 3E0075000650564139323920

GET - http://localhost:5340/api/v0/dial/3E0075000650564139323920/set?key=...&value=30

Response is a JSON object

    "status": "ok",
    "message": "Update queued",
    "data": null


For completeness and transparency, there is an additional route (/setRaw) that allows for setting RAW dial value that can be in the range 0-2048.
However this method circumvents both calibration and easing configuration.
Therefore it should not be used.