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Reload hardware info

Name Route Method Query Parameters
Reload HW information /api/v0/dial/{DIAL_UID}/reload GET key

API route used to retrieve list of available dials.


The server will return only the dials that are available for the API key that was used to make the call.

Example usage

Force retrieve hardware information for dial with UID 3E0075000650564139323920

GET - http://localhost:5340/api/v0/dial/3E0075000650564139323920/reload?key=...

Response is a JSON object

    "status": "ok",
    "message": "",
    "data": {
        "index": "10",
        "uid": "3E0075000650564139323920",
        "dial_name": "GPU Usage",
        "value": 5,
        "rgbw": [
        "easing": {
            "dial_step": 20,
            "dial_period": 50,
            "backlight_step": 20,
            "backlight_period": 50
        "fw_hash": "4a30e9c73d5cb2fad377f33fe19ea25c35d25394",
        "fw_version": "20231006",
        "hw_version": "KaranovicResearch/Hub_and_Dial_G050",
        "protocol_version": "v1",
        "backlight": {
            "red": 39,
            "green": 11,
            "blue": 17,
            "white": 0
        "image_file": "C:\\Users\\Sasa\\Desktop\\git\\StreaCom\\GaugeServer\\upload\\img_3E0075000650564139323920",
        "update_deadline": 1699686054.8635087,
        "value_changed": true,
        "backlight_changed": false,
        "image_changed": false,
        "dial_build_hash": "4a30e9c73d5cb2fad377f33fe19ea25c35d25394",
        "dial_fw_version": "20231006",
        "dial_hw_version": "KaranovicResearch/Hub_and_Dial_G050",
        "dial_protocol_version": "v1",
        "easing_dial_step": 20,
        "easing_dial_period": 50,
        "easing_backlight_step": 20,
        "easing_backlight_period": 50

Force reload

This API call will force server to re-interrogate dial information.
You should avoid unnecessary re-reading of dial information.
Dial information is cached on the server side in the dial database and can be retrieved using Dial Information call.